Mesothelioma Causes – Nanotubes Products

Mesothelioma Causes – Nanotubes Products

Mesothelioma Causes – Nanotubes Products, Nanotubes are small, extremely durable carbon fibers are used in a wide variety of items, due to its lightness and great strength.

Sports Equipment

Many items contain nanotubes of sports including tennis rackets and graphite golf clubs. Some bicycle parts, like the chain or pedals, can also contain compounds of graphite nanotubes. Nanotube-based components are becoming more prevalent, because they are almost shock-and impact-resistant and extremely lightweight, making them a perfect material for manufacturers of sports equipment.

Automobile Components

A large number of components of automobile now contains nanotubes, including the vehicle front and rear bumpers, pipes, fuel lines and other plastic parts. Some components of automobiles that are structured from fiberglass reinforced plastic also contains nanotubes. In future, the automobile companies provide the use of nanotubes inside a vehicle and a substance lighter and more durable, electrical equipment and other pieces of plastic.

Nanotubes Products
Nanotubes Products

Medical Use

Scientists are just beginning to explore uses for nanotubes in the medical field. fluorescent nanotubes may be used for specific anticancer treatments involving the ejection of tiny particles of fluorescent light. In addition, scientists are interested in injecting nanotubes into the human body to act as actuators or substrates for cell culture or implants. The use of nanotubes in technologically advanced dressings is also underway. Research so far has shown a link between accelerated wound healing when materials similar to carbon nanotubes are present.

Household items

Nanotubes can be found in a multitude of items that the average person uses in his home on a daily basis. These products include perfumes or fragrances encapsulated in a plastic containing nanotubes, CDs, boxes of prescription drugs, and enhanced tools and heat resistant plastic, such as measuring spoons or spatulas. Some lamp manufacturers also use components containing nanotubes. Many computer components also contains nanotubes, including computer screens and the inner workings of computer monitors and towers, as the motherboard and electrical pipes. specific formulas used to make items such as mattresses retardant may also not contain nanotubes. Many magnetized items such as refrigerator magnets, also known to be formulated using nanotubes, and some small toys that have carbon components may contain them as well.

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