Mesothelioma Compensation

Mesothelioma Compensation

Mesothelioma Compensation, If you have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, the last thing that you may be thinking about is financial compensation. But you do need to give this some serious consideration, if not only for you, but for your family and loved ones, and to assist with your expenses for treatment, travel and care etc.

The major risk factor for mesothelioma is exposure to Asbestos at work. Some occupations like factory work at a plant making asbestos containing products or mining asbestos are at much higher risk of developing mesothelioma or other asbestos related diseases like asbestosis or lung cancer than the general population. Around 70 to 80 percent of mesothelioma patients report a history of asbestos exposure at work. There is a dose response meaning the more asbestos a person is exposed to the greater the risk of developing mesothelioma. For a small group mesothelioma is a secondary cancer that is caused by radiation treatment of their primary cancer.

As a result, it may be possible to bring a lawsuit against your previous employer.  This has been done successfully many times, and the amount of financial compensation paid out varies considerably for each individual case, based on a number of factors.

A factor to consider also is that sometimes family members are exposed to asbestos fibers when a worker brings them home on their work clothes.  So it may not be your employer, but your spouse’s or your father’s employer that you need to go after for the compensation.

Mesothelioma Compensation Lawsuit
Mesothelioma Compensation Lawsuit

All of these factors can be considered by an experienced mesothelioma attorney.

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The type of Asbestos an individual is exposed to also is a factor in the development of the disease. Some types of fibers are difficult for the body to expel through coughing. These fibers lodge deep in the lungs and can start an inflammatory process that can lead to cancer. A similar process is thought to be involved in mesothelioma where the fibers penetrate the lung tissue and move to the outer lining of the lung called the pleura.

Smoking does not seem to increase the chances of developing mesothelioma. Smoking along with asbestos exposure does dramatically increase the risk of lung cancer. Genetic factors most likely play a role in the development of mesothelioma. Though millions of people have been exposed to asbestos, mesothelioma remains a relatively rare cancer. Even among those with the heaviest exposure, some people will not develop disease and probably have some natural resistance.

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