Mesothelioma Research To Battle With Cancer

Mesothelioma Research To Battle With Cancer

Mesothelioma Research, Look for solution until you find it and your labor will not go waste. All scientists working to find cure for Mesothelioma believe this in a way or another. Efforts are carried out worldwide and at mesothelioma applied research foundation to give freedom to individuals affected with this cancer. Do not lose hope, not just yet.

It is the cancer affecting the mesothelium, and prognosis of this disease is not positive. Scientists and doctors all over the globe are working round the clock to find a cure through latest technology. Fundraisers to support the clinical trials and ideas to develop better drugs for the cure are part of the research foundation.

Mesothelioma Research
Mesothelioma Research

What is the on-goings in Research?

Time is a major constraint for any disease, as time passes by the illness gets severe. Rapidly working drugs form need of the hour. Scientists are working on the following:

  • Gene therapy – The researchers have worked on gene therapy for many inborn errors and metabolic defects, now cancer is being aggressively studied for genetic remedies. Special virus genes are being modified in different laboratories to fight mesothelioma. These genetically modified viruses when exposed to the mesothelium will cause infection to inject healthy gene into the tumor. The gene produces Interferon-beta, a hormone provoking the immune system to attack cells infected with cancer. Clinical trials for mesothelioma research are also carried out in many volunteers.
  • Immunotherapy – The cancer cells are targeted based on their markers after activating the immune cells of the patient. Extracting the cells and treating them in the labs to make them efficient for fighting back mesothelioma is the basis of this technique. Vaccines are being designed and tested at the mesothelioma applied research foundation to find a cure for this dreadful disease. The experiments to design therapeutic cancer vaccines for fighting the tumor in the mesothelium appear like the sunshine after a rainy day.
  • Intensity modulated radiation therapy – Location oriented and intensity regulated therapy offers hope to mesothelioma patients. This new form of radiation therapy restricts the amount of radiation targeted to the tumor tissue thus keeping the surrounding mesothelium safe.
  • Chemotherapy – The chemicals for treatment become a favorable option for many mesothelioma patients. Alimta is the new drug in the mesothelioma research field. The FDA approved Cisplatin drug along with Alimta is used to treat pleural mesothelioma. The other upcoming treatment option is Onconase that can target mesothelioma without causing adverse side effects.
  • Anti-Angiogenesis drugs – Angiogenesis is the process carried out by cancer cells to generate new blood vessels from existing ones. Targeting this nourishing step can prevent spreading of the cancer in other parts of body. Drugs to prevent angiogenesis are being analyzed in mesothelioma research. Avastin is the currently used drug that prevents angiogenesis by lowering specific protein level.

There are many research projects going on in the mesothelioma applied research foundation. Participate in the phases of clinical trials and help in lowering the risk of cancer to fight mesothelioma. Your medical practitioner can guide you about the paperwork and options. Find your way out of all mesothelioma anguish.

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